Upcoming events:

Autumn Fest – Saturday 18 September 2021

The next Autumn Fest will be held at School Mead on Saturday, 18th September 2021 between 11:00am and 4:00pm.

Abbots Autumn Fest website

Other Events:

Abbots in Transition organises or supports various events in Abbots Langley.

These range from regular community markets, to film screenings, yearly festivals and community give-aways.

Abbots Langley Giveaways

Abbots In Transition organise Spring and Autumn Giveaways, where residents can leave free items outside their houses for others to take.

Participants email their details to the Transition group who then produce a map of giveaway locations which can be downloaded on the day.

At the Spring giveaways residents are encouraged to giveaway spare seeds and seedlings to help others grown their own. At the Autumn giveaways the focus is on excess garden produce, encouraging people to eat local.

The giveaways also stimulate the local re-use economy by circulating books, toys, clothes etc.

The Abbots Langley Giveaways began in Autumn 2020 as a response to the covid-19 pandemic when it was no longer possible to hold the community markets in the Henderson Hall.

Autumn Fest

Every year an Autumn Festival is held at School Mead in Abbots Langley. The festival showcases local food, business and entertainment. Most years there are:

  • puppet shows
  • a bike agility course
  • bike repairs
  • live music
  • food and craft stalls

The first festival (then called AppleFest) was held in October 2015, with the aim of showcasing local food, especially apples!, and selling apple trees for residents to plant locally.

Community Markets

Prior to the covid-19 pandemic, Abbots in Transition organised very successful community markets which were held 4 times a year in the Henderson Hub in Abbots Langley.

There are plans for the community markets to continue at an outdoor venue in the near future.

Film screenings

Abbots in Transition has organised several film screenings in the Henderson Hub.

11 October 2019 – In our hands – seeding change – a film about the influence of large corporations on farms in Britain.

3 October 2019 – ‘Tigers’ – how a baby milk powder salesman in Pakistan becomes a whistle-blower and turns his life upside-down.

20 September 2018 – ‘Tomorrow’ – the solutions we need to combat climate change that are already happening.

Litter Picking

Abbots In Transition organises regular Saturday morning litter picking events around the village, usually followed by a visit to a cafe.