Get ready for the Abbots Langley Giveaway !

Instead of the Autumn Market in the Henderson Hub, the  Abbots Langley Transition Town Association (ALTTA) are organising the ‘Abbots Langley Giveaway’, from your own front gate!  Instead of paying money for seasonal produce and craft, this is a completely free experience – no cash or card transactions. 

Have you got surplus garden produce, seeds saved from your garden, or books and toys you no longer want ?

Give them away on Saturday 12th September from 10am-12pm.

On Saturday 12th set up a stall in front of your house with your give-away items.

Download the map, walk round the village and see what others are giving away.

Remember to use hand sanitizer frequently and keep 2m distance from others.

Abbots Give-away September 2020