Many decisions that are relevant to our lives are made by local politicians.  Politicians are supposed to take decisions on our behalf and to do that they need to know what we think. It’s important to tell them what you do want and what you don’t.

Your local politicians 

If you live in Abbots Langley your most local political level is Abbots Langley Parish Council (ALPC). They are responsible for some of the land, allotments and pathways in the village, including playgrounds and playing fields.  They hire out their halls and cut grass and hedges.  

They can also influence local planning decisions.  Abbots Langley is divided into areas called wards and you will have a Parish Councillor covering your area. You can also attend council meetings and speak. To do this you need to give advance notice to the Clerk.

Parish councillors are elected at local elections usually held in May.

Your district politicians 

The next political level in our area is the district council.  If you live in Abbot’s Langley your district council is Three Rivers District Council (TRDC).

Some of their responsibilities are to make planning decisions, control land and provide refuse collection.

You have a District councillor covering your area and you elect them in your district council elections usually held in May.  The council has councillors from 4 different political parties and some independents.  The Liberal Democrats currently control the council. 

You can ask questions at their meetings.  You can question your Councillors at your local area forum

Your county politicians

The highest tier of local government is Hertfordshire County Council (HCC).  It is responsible for schools, roads and libraries for example. 

You have a County councillor cover the area you live in and you elect them in county council elections usually held in May.  You can attend council meetings

To note.

You will notice that Sarah Bedford and Stephen Giles Medhurst are the parish, district and county councillors. 

How to influence the local councils
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