The third Abbots Langley Giveaway will take place on September 25th 2021, from 11am-1pm.

Be part of the local re-use economy by setting up a stall outside your house and giving away books, toys, clothes or other good condition items for others to use. Help to ‘Get Abbots Growing’ by giving away plants or promote local food by giving away surplus produce.

The give-away is a completely free experience, with no cash or card transactions. 

To give items away you need to:

  • email your address and a short description of your items to
  • on September 25th place the give away items outside your house between 11am and 1pm

To find giveaway items on September 25th you need to:

  • download theĀ giveaway map
  • walk around the village and see what you can find
Abbots Autumn Giveaway – Saturday Sept 25th 2021