Hello, I’m Belinda and I am a founder member of Abbots in Transition. Interested in all matters that will help reduce our negative impact on the planet.

Hello, I’m Jennifer and I am the current Treasurer for Abbots in Transition. I was born in Bushey and have lived all my life in and around Watford and moved to Abbots Langley in 2007. I have a passion for all things local, including supporting local charities, Autumn Fest, litter picking and community markets. I am a busy mum with a full time job in IT and background in accounts. My hobbies include swimming, upholstery, and javelin.

Hello, I’m Keely. I’ve been a member of Abbots in Transition since moving to Abbots in 2015. I love the village and have enjoyed working with a wonderful group of people to support our community to be stronger and create better facilities and use of land. 

I am the CEO of Sunnyside Rural Trust (www.sunnyside rural trust.org.uk) a local charity and social enterprise working for young people and adults with learning disabilities to offer training and employment opportunities within horticultural and agricultural settings. I have held a number of senior development and operational roles for large London-based charities. I’m also a consultant for the School of Social Entrepreneurs (SSE – www.the-sse.org). I’m passionate about supporting people to reach their potential and supporting communities to pull together to meet local need.  I enjoy seeing the results of putting a robust business framework around charity values to create excellent outcomes for beneficiaries whilst being financially and environmentally sustainable. I have a love of nature, people and animals.

Hello, I’m Mary, the current Chair of Abbots in Transition. I have lived in Abbots Langley since January 2015, and started helping at the community markets in the Henderson Hub. I have been involved with environmental organisations and campaigns for many years, launching my school’s environmental group ‘Help Earth Live Peacefully’, when I was a sixth former in the early 1990s.

When I lived in Lancaster I was involved with a project that retro-fitted a former council house with environmentally friendly products and carbon-neutral technology. It won The Observer Ethical Award for a DIY project in 2007.

Now that I am in Abbots Langley I enjoy being part of this local group, working locally to develop a community that is less dependent on oil and gas, and more resilient to climate change through local food production and energy generation.

Hello, I’m Rachel. I have lived in Abbots Langley since December 2014. I have been aware of Transition Towns for a long time, and got involved with Abbots In Transition after attending community markets and a film screening. I am interested in ways of building community resilience, in particular through local food growing. I produced and manage the web pages.

Hello, I’m Wendy. I have lived on and off in Bedmond for most of my life and am very involved in community life, particularly the Tin Church, the Village Hall and our Bedmond Village Matters Facebook page.  I am a member of Bedmond Village Task Force, Secretary of Bedmond Residents Association, Chair/Secretary of the Friends of the Tin Church. I am very involved in organizing local activities , community projects and fundraising events.  I hold a Bedmond archive of photos and other historical material which I display at local events and other channels.  I joined Abbots in Transition because I am passionate about Nature  and working together to create a more sustainable and resilient community.