Spring seedling and seed giveaways

Since Spring 2020 Abbots in Transition have organised Spring seed and seedling giveaways in the Millennium Gardens in Abbots Langley. These are part of our ‘Get Abbots Growing’ initiative. They are usually held on a Saturday morning in May. All

Autumn Fest

https://abbotsautumnfest.uk/about-us/ Every year an Autumn Festival is held at School Mead in Abbots Langley. The festival showcases local food, business and entertainment. Most years there are: puppet shows a bike agility course bike repairs live music food and craft stalls

Community Markets

We run community markets in the Henderson Hub in Abbots Langley. Our markets focus on locally produced food and craft items. The market dates for 2024 are 2nd March, 6th July, 28th Sept, and 28th Nov. Please contact us if you would like