There are many small actions we can take in our daily lives to reduce our impact on the environment. We can aim to reduce, re-use and recycle, to grow some of our own food, to cycle or walk instead of using the car.

We could aim to cut down on the items we buy, and to get some of those that we do buy from second-hand shops. As well as the local charity and second-hand shops selling clothes and bric-a-brac, there are others selling second-hand furniture, tools and craft items.

We can also use our power as a consumer to spend our money in ways that are less harmful to the planet, and to support those businesses and institutions that are reducing their environmental impact. This could mean shopping locally, buying organic and buying second-hand but also actions such as changing our banks to those that do not invest in fossil fuels.

  • waste aware – find out what you can recycle and where in Herts
  • wyatt and jack – recycle old inflatables (paddling pools, bouncy castles etc) and turn them into bags
free stuff
local second-hand shops
  • 9 lives furniture – Rickmansworth, charity which funds training for people with mental health problems, or a learning disability
  • Returned to Glory – furniture, St Francis Hospice, Berkhamsted
  • debra furniture shop – Watford
  • emmaus – furniture and household items, Hemel Hempstead & St Albans
  • Work-aid – Chesham. Refurbished garden and DIY tools, and craft items.
  • 1 million women Lots of ideas and campaigns for sustainable and ethical living.